Applications in the AGRICULTURE industry

Agricultural belts work in the heaviest conditions possible. Combine harvesters and tractors work outdoors, often in constant sunlight and therefore hot conditions. The use of relatively small tensioners puts a significant amount of extra load on the belt in terms of deformation and temperature increase. In addition, the belts are subjected to dust, dirt, stones and other objects that may enter between the belt and the pulley. For all these reasons, you should only use belts specifically designed for use on agricultural applications, as these are built to specifications capable of withstanding such harsh conditions.

We have many products that have been developed with the Agricultural sector in mind. We understand the needs of people who make their living from primary industry and we know that you need durability in Australia’s tough environmental conditions. Because of remote locations of agricultural areas, we understand that reliability is important so that breakdowns are infrequent. Lastly, we know that service and integrity is the way to keep your business.

At UMS Transmission Australia, we ship and supply products to the regional and rural areas throughout Australia and can help with your:

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Agricultural V-Belts

Recognising the demands of agricultural machinery, UMS Transmissions offers you a specially designed Agricultural Belts from Mitsuboshi Japan. This comprehensive range of agricultural v- belts cover a multitude of applications.

We are the largest suppliers of Mitsuboshi Agricultural Belts for:


As a partner and OEM of leading manufacturers in the field of agricultural technology, Mitsuboshi power transmission belt such as Mitsuboshi v-belts, ribbed belts and variable speed belts are the best products for the agriculture industry. Our agricultural belts and solutions give you the power and precision you need to power your farm equipment through the demanding environment. We cover a wide range of application needs thereby reducing machinery downtime and ensuring maximum dependability. These heavy-duty belts are built to original equipment quality and offer excellent performance. They assure your combine harvester or tractor will not suffer from breakdown during the season. Each piece of machinery has its own power transmission requirement. Residential mowers require small profile yet very strong v-belts. These belts are also built to withstand the rigorous start and stop operation of commercial or residential lawn and garden equipment. Large chipper shredders use banded v-belts that power through dense wood and take punishment to protect the machinery from hard stresses. Zero turn mowers and precision grounds keeping mowers require very long v-belts that can flex around complex mowing decks, while transferring the engine’s power. Keeping the lawn tidy is a challenge for any machinery when it comes to mowing uneven or sloping areas. This is where ultra-compact ride-on mowers come into play with their excellent manoeuvrability and traction. This is possible thanks to the use of specially designed high-performance belts which ensure maximum power transmission even in extreme conditions. These belts were specially developed for environments like these. They provide optimised transmission of power from the drive to the mower and work reliably even under the toughest conditions.

We offer a wide range of Mitsuboshi agricultural v-belts for the replacement market. Download our Belt Catalogue to find replacement references for a multitude of OE belts on combine harvesters and tractors. Avoid downtime on your agricultural equipment, combines, harvesters, attachments, and sprayers due to lose or failed belts in need of maintenance and repair. Get the reliability of Mitsuboshi agricultural belts.