Applications in the automotive industry

Mitsuboshi’s quality belt products provide sustainable solutions. UMS Transmission Australia provides coverage on everything from belt drive, timing, fuel, cooling systems and more as Mitsuboshi has the most comprehensive aftermarket product line in the industry. We stock and supply a large range of Mitsuboshi products for vehicles accessory belt drive system, timing system and cooling system, of V-belts, timing belts, and serpentine belts and also provide accessories including belt tensioners, pulleys and sprockets.

These are critical systems in a vehicles engine and the failure of one component can lead to expensive engine damage. Replace components with Mitsuboshi quality replacement parts which are trusted by major vehicle manufacturers, recommended by quality mechanics and relied on by motorists.

We are the largest supplier Mitsuboshi automotive parts for:


There are several advantages to choosing UMS Australia as your supplier of Mitsuboshi v-belts, timing belts and other power transmission products.

Choose UMS Transmission to supply your power transmission products. Find out more by contacting us.