We are leading supplier of OCM and Mitsuboshi Conveyor Systems for Food & Beverage Industries. which is widely used in various industries like food & beverage, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical. Our Conveyor Systems are available in various sizes, dimensions, shapes and designs at most competitive prices. A conveyor belt is used to transport or convey particles, raw materials or finished products from one place to another. We are a leading suppliers of idler roller conveyor, packing conveyor belt, food grade belt conveyor, food handling conveyor and flat food belts conveyor belts.

With our timing belts and conveyor belts, we are involved in the entire production process, from the supply of raw materials to the finished product at the checkout. Our tailor-made solutions are distinguished by a long service life, optimum performance and maximum cost-effectiveness, and satisfy the exacting requirements and regulations of the sector.

Whether you need to move boxes, bags, or bottles, we can recommend belts and cover profiles suitable for transporting both heavy stock and containers reliably and safely. Conveyor belt systems facilitate efficient processes and transportation procedures in all industries. For safe and efficient transportation our Mitsuboshi and OCM Japan portfolio for conveyor belt systems includes steel cord conveyor belts, textile conveyor belts, solid woven conveyor belts, conveyor belts for steep incline conveying, lightweight conveyor belts and enclosed conveyor belts.

Canning and bottling facilities:

These industries depend on reliable Mitsuboshi belts to maintain productivity.

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We stock a range of fab belting materials, including low-friction conveyor chains, that meet industry requirements for high-speed, low pressure accumulation. To minimize your material costs and downtime, your service and repair technicians will have quick access to conveyor chains that are interchangeable with most existing systems.

Bakery and confectionery production:

Sweets and dough-based products may have characteristics that require very different release properties. About the only thing they have in common, besides cleanability, is the need for resistance to oils and fats. We stock friction by friction belts, polyurethane covered belts, modular belts and profile covered belts to keep products moving from extrusion and cutting through cooling and packaging.

Animal products such as meat, poultry, and seafood food and beverage industry.

These products are among the most perishable items which means they require efficient and hygienic handling for consumer health, workplace safety, and regulatory compliance. To help producers manage these demands, we stock and build modular belting products, including clean-in-place compatible belts that help conserve water during cleaning.

Fruits and vegetables industry

These items need to be handled or processed quickly while they are fresh These time limitations are critical for protecting product quality, consumer health, workplace safety, and regulatory compliance. Grown and harvested food products have brief harvest seasons, which requires high capacity in relatively short duty cycles. In addition to our fabric belt fabrications, we provide highly durable, abrasion-resistant, easy-to-clean Mitsuboshi belting products.

Dairy production
Flour Milling and packaging operations

This industry requires high speed form-and-fill capabilities with long service life and high reliability. We provide belting products that help you comply with all health and safety requirements while resisting abrasion. We also offer years of knowledge and experience in high-speed packaging applications, and source and stock truly endless belts from one of the leading manufacturers i.e. Mitsuboshi Belting Japan.


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