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We are a Leading importers, suppliers and stockist of a wide range of Sensor Paver Conveyor Chain, Asphalt Paver Conveyor Chain, Imported Asphalt Paver conveyor Chain, Mechanical Paver Conveyor Chain, Wet Mix Paver Conveyor Chain, Asphalt Sensor Paver Finisher Conveyor Chain in Australia.

We supply chains developed for the road construction machinery industry for asphalt mixing and paving. Our chains fully meet the highest standards of original equipment manufacturers, satisfying the demanding conditions of conveyors in asphalt mixing stations, pavers, ground surface repair and finishing. Every manufacturing step are subjected to meeting stringent quality assurance, guaranteeing every batch meets the tensile and fatigue strength requirements.

For the road construction industry our comprehensive range of road construction machinery chains fully supplement and support the diverse quality standard requirements of the original equipment and conveying equipment.

Our scraper conveyor chains are primarily used for asphalt paving machines. By means of attachments jointed to the chains, they can horizontally carry the asphalt concrete that is not solidified. In those road surfacing machines; this engineering steel paver chain is a core transmission component.

These engineering chains are ideal for use in asphalt mixing plants, paving machines, and other road construction machines. Combining strength, durability and economy, they suit the needs for the most demanding applications.

Our industrial chains used for road construction machinery are made of high-quality materials using state of the art technology that can fulfill the needs of road construction machinery for diversity and customers for high quality.

As its name indicates, the paver chain is especially designed for road pavers. Similar roller chains for other types of engineering vehicles are also available.


Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. was established in 1919 as a manufacturer of industrial belts. Mitsuboshi is a supplier to practically all the OE manufacturers and all belts are made in the USA or Japan. Since the belts are a crucial part of your HVAC operation, we only sell the best belts in the business from Mitsuboshi.

V Belts are a Drive System Belt that runs between the motor pulley and blower pulley in centrifugal evaporative units. Classic v-belts are just that, classic in design and application. The classic v-belt is the most tried and true style of v-belt in the market. Originally designed to replace leather belts in a variety of industries including facility maintenance, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Also known as light duty v-belts, they are designed with a 40° angle to “wedge” the belt into the groove of the pulley. The greater the load, the greater the wedging action. The manufacturing process combines a rubber compound with a polyester cord to increase strength and stability. Most classic belts are also available in Kevlar.

Conventional v-belt suitable for all standard HVAC industrial applications. Standard operating temperatures ranging from -1° F through 158° F.


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Skyskrapers, massive distribution facilities, manufacturing plants, universities and other large facilities each have their own unique HVAC challenges. Just the proper movement of air inside and out of these mamouth facilities can be a challenge every day, let alone the needs for different climate zones. Maintenance and energy costs can be reduced greatly by using superior power transmission v-belts.

Heavy industry ventilation units and air handlers are depended on to keep operations moving. For these facilities larger section v-belts and banded v-belts are needed to run constantly. Unexpected downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more every day. For these applications optibelt RED POWER 3 power transmission v-belts are unmatched in performance and durability.

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