Mitsuboshi and UMS Transmissions offer suitable drive solutions for the most demanding requirements. Our maintenance-free high-performance V-belts, timing belts, conveyor belts and the high performance special ribbed belts from Mitsuboshi offer reliability, precision and efficiency and are in great demand in the Transport and Logistics industry. Logistics and distribution centers are getting bigger and they rely on a large number of conveyors. They require conveyors that can operate with a wide variety of products at different load volumes and to function reliably at full capacity.

Applications in logistics can often create demanding conditions for conveyor belts. Conveyor belts may be exposed to heavy goods, oil and grease and, in some situations, belts are exposed to the influences of weather (e.g. temperature changes, sunlight and rain).

The performance of the conveyor belts must remain optimal under all these conditions. In mail and distribution centres, airports etc many conveyor belts will run 24/7. 

We are able to provide solutions for both interior and exterior logistic applications. There is a belt type for every step in the conveying process, from feeding to loading and unloading, transporting and sorting.

Our series of conveyor belts for logistics and distribution centers easily meet the needs of the sector, compliant with the requirements for handling, conveying and classifying goods. The high quality and reliability of our belts translate into optimum performance, proven by numerous companies in the sector.



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