Classical Industrial V belt is a frictional forced industrial power transmission belt. Most widely used as a drive belt. Economical, and easily available for replacement. Our “SET FREE®” system for multiple belt usage is very effective to reduce dimensional differences of each industrial V belt. The dimensional stability of Mitsuboshi V belts means that the belts stay matched throughout their service life because they are designed to absorb belt stretch and constant flexing fatigue. Red label Mitsuboshi V-Belt is a heavy-duty power transmission industrial V belt, which has heat, oil and flex resistance as well as a high antistatic property. V-Our industrial V belts are molded from wear resistant covered fabric using low stretch members and high-grade elastomers and are manufactured for high performance, long service life and with uniform geometry for all transmission uses. The Mitsuboshi V Belt’s flexibility and temperature resistance from -35C to +70C and limited oil resistance as well as anti-static properties making them tolerable to harsh environments. These classical V-belts are the perfect belt for all atmospheric conditions, all drive designs and setups and to keep perfect timed and aligned pulleys while running. They are known for their smooth-running dependable performance on standard type pulley drives. Mitsuboshi classical V belts are known as the workhorse in the power transmission drive belt industry and resist fatigue with tightly wound fiber tensile cords.




V-BELT Belt Constructions

V-BELT Belt Constructions

The term “wrapped” means that the core of these V-belts is protected by fabric cover which is composed of cotton or polyester. These materials are wear resistant and coated with rubber.

Raw Edge V-belts

This belt has no fabric cover on the side of the belts. A special rubber compound ensures greater resistance to wear than wrapped V-belts.

Industries / Applications

A wide range of machinery from light duty power transmission for OA and household electric appliances to heavy duty power transmission such as printing machines, machine tools and crushers

Industrial Power Transmission
Pipeline Protection for Oil & Gas, Waterworks
Food Industry Conveyor Belts
Paver Belt

Conventional V Belts STANDARD V-belt

Learns about the features and properties of Conventional V Belts STANDARD V-belt