Mitsuboshi Raw Edge V Belt (REMF)

Mitsuboshi Raw Edge V belt (REMF) are  used for automobiles, trucks, buses and construction equipment. Raw Edge V belt (REMF) has a Fabric free side face.


Mitsuboshi REMF V-Belt has excellent heat, abrasion and deformation resistance. Raw Edge V-belts (REMF) has a Fabric free side face. Which means that the side of the raw edge v belt is a special exposed rubber construction; the rubber is directly exposed to the pulley. Because of this, the belt has high grip power and does not slip, creating high power transmission abilities. REMF is a  flexible belt developed by Mitsuboshi Japan for automotive applications and it is used under severe load fluctuations and high temperatures inside the engine room.

Mainly used for driving fans, alternators and air conditioners.

Key Points:

Abrasion resistance.

Fabric free side face. Rubber Compound used instead of fabric.

Heat and oil resistant.

Large gripping capacity rescues belt slip.

High power transmission capacity belt.

Symptoms for Replacement of Raw Edge V Belt (REMF)

When you find any of symptoms shown below, replace the belt. It is recommended that you replace idling pulley and/or tensioning pulleys  at the same time.

Bottom Cracks

Under cord separation

Sidewall cracks

Chip of bottom layer


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