Mitsuboshi Giga Torque GX Timing Belt which is used as a replacement for Gates Poly Chain Carbon GT Belt

Mitsuboshi Giga Torque GX (8M-14M) is a Synchronous Power Transmissions belt for high performance power transmission applications. Mitsuboshi Giga Torque Gx is a drop-in replacement for your super heavy-duty Poly Chain applications.

Designed with carbon fibre and a low friction fabric tooth coating and instead of only using polyurethane rubber Mitsuboshi Belting uses HNBR rubber in the manufacturing process to increase the power rating by 10%! All Giga Torque polyurethane belts are abrasion-resistant, provide thermoplastic flexibility and are long-lasting, energy efficient belts suitable for all heavy-duty industries and applications. These Mitsuboshi Poly Chain carbon belts features High-tensile strength Carbon Cord which is Abrasion resistant due to its low friction tooth fabric. The Mitsuboshi Giga Torque Polyurethane Belt consists of High elastic, high hardness HNBR rubber that leads to increased durability. The Mitsuboshi Giga Torque GX timing belts run longer, harder and quieter than any Gates Poly Chain GT carbon belts on the market today.

Power Rating:

  • Giga Torque GX Power Rating is 10% higher than the competitor’s Polyurethane Carbon Cord belt

Construction Material

  • Rubber High Hardness Compound Rubber (HNBR)
  • Cord High Modulus Carbon Fibre
  • Tooth Fabric Nylon and Special Low Friction Fibre
  • 8 Key Benefits of using Mitsuboshi Giga Torque Gx Carbon Timing Belt:

Superior Durability:

Mitsuboshi Belting’s Giga Torque GX uses a high hardness and flexible carbon fibre cord, in pursuit of strength, superior durability and flexibility. Due to compact belt width, it’s light weight and low noise, the Giga Torque 8M 14M poly chain replacement belt is expected to improve the performance of machinery and equipment. Furthermore, this is not limited to timing belt applications, but the scope can also be expanded to electric motor  and chain drive applications.

High Transmission Capacity:

With its high transmission capacity, it will be able to narrow the belt width in the same conditions as a conventional cogged banded or classical vbelts. As a result, it is possible to use a light weight pulley, thereby reducing noise and saving space.

Long Life:

Suppressing the elongation of the belt by the carbon cord and improve wear resistance by special processing fabric, it has 1.7-2.2 times more durability compared to conventional high torque timing belt.

High Tensile Strength:

By using the carbon cord, the initial tension can be set lower due to less tension decay. Also, from suppressing the elongation of the belt, it’s possible to prevent pitch gap and greatly improves durability.

Reduced Noise:

  • Rubber construction for superior flexibility
  • Special low friction fiber for the tooth fabric
  • Reduced high frequency noise

HNBR Rubber:

  • Have greater oil and heat resistance (maximum of 120)
  • Power Rating
  • Giga Torque GX Power Rating is 10% higher than the competitor’s Polyurethane Carbon Cord belt and Mitsuboshi belts are designed as well as cut to custom size so they can be used as a drop in replacement with your existing chain drive.
  • Drop-in Replacement: Designed to run in competitor’s (Gates Poly Chain Carbon GT and Optibelt Delta Chain) belt sprockets.

Mitsuboshi Giga Torque GX Timing belt is the highest grade of Timing belt.  The Mitsuboshi Belting Giga Torque GX 8M-14M has been developed for all applications which require ultimate efficiency, superior durability, low noise, reduced belt width or a high degree of power transmission. This timing belt runs on pulleys finished with a GT profile. It boasts carbon tensile cords and also has teeth perfected with a special coating in order to achieve the highest possible degree of efficiency. The interlocking tooth system has been made of the HNBR variety of rubber so as to guarantee a short sharp burst of flexibility during periods of intense acceleration or deceleration. Such a timing belt can be utilised in every kind of chain drive application demanding the transmission of high forces. It is also ideal when installation areas have to be optimised i.e. require reduced belt width. Click here to download the Giga Torque GX catalog and see more details. 

In some applications, a stronger tensile cord may be required. More often than not the belt number will specify whether a stronger tensile cord is required. If you think that your chain drive application might need a stronger tensile cord than a classical vbelt, call our belt experts and see how Giga Torque GX could benefit you.


Comparison of Giga Torque GX and Metal Chain


Giga Torque

Metal Chain


Transmission efficiency

Belt has little energy loss

Shock resistance

Because the belt has elastic body, it can absorb shock


5dB-10dB reduction

Adaption Range of Number Revolutions

Adaptable from low to high speeds

System weight

Belt has advantage at times of high-speed revolution




Oiling not required; maintenance free