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We also offer many standard components to further enhance your design and manufacturing phases. We can assist with shafts produced to high precision on our latest CNC machinery, along with plate metal, pressing and drawing parts.

Large and medium motor shafts, shafts for textile or printing machines, plates and panels, electric machinery covers, electric boxes, and other numerous drawing and pressing parts already currently available.

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We offer a wide variety of pulleys that are suitable for the Mitsuboshi Timing Belts. In addition to the standrad Pulleys we also offer Variety of Build-to-Order Manufacturing Pulley  in a wide variety of sizes (φ5-φ1500) and material suitable for various industry applications. 

Timing Pulleys

Our timing pulley also follows JIS and ISO standards. Versatile, having a wide inventory line up and excellent product availability. Variety of Build-to-Order Manufacturing Pulley With high processing technology accumulated at our factory, we produce various special processed products and molded products with high quality.

SUPER TORQUE Timing pulley

A round tooth timing belt pulley. This is the standard type of product with inventory in a wide range lineup.

MEGA TORQUE Timing pulley

MTS8M and MTS14M are compatible with SUPER TORQUE Timing pulley. (Because of the special tooth shape, MTS5M is a made to order item.)

MEGA TORQUE GII / GIIP Timing pulley

MEGA TORQUE GII / GIIP uses a special tooth profile, which implements high strength and long life.

Giga Torque GX Timing pulley

The exclusive pulley is used for the Giga Torque GX special tooth profile. Please contact us for more information.

MEGA TORQUE EX Timing pulley

With use of the MEGA TORQUE EX Timing pulley with a special tooth shape it, has minimal backlash and implements high positioning accuracy.

Other Special Processed Products

Polyurethane roller

Hybrid product made by cast metal with casting processing technology caltivated by pulleys and polyurethane rubber excellent in abrasion resistance by special recipe.
(A built-to-order product. Please contact us for details.)

  • Timing pulley
  • SUPER TORQUE Timing pulley
  • MEGA TORQUE Timing pulley
  • MEGA TORQUE GII / GIIP Timing pulley
  • Giga Torque GX Timing pulley
  • MEGA TORQUE EX Timing pulley


Sprockets are gear wheels that transmit shaft rotation to chains or chain rotation to shafts. Types depend on use of a hub: Type A (flat type), Type B (single hub), Type C (dual hub).

  • Sprockets for Drive Chains
  • Sprockets for Drive Chains
  • Large Size Conveyor Chain Sprockets
  • Pilot Bored Bossed Sprocket – Pinions (Simplex , Duplex & Triplex)
  • Pilot Bore Plate Wheels
  • Taper Bore Sprockets (Simplex & Duplex)


We offer a wide variety of weld on hubs and bushings for sprockets and pulleys. Bushings are offered in a wide variety of sizes and with a wide range of bore sizes available.

  • OD Bushings
  • Taper Lock Bushings
  • Split Taper Lock Bushings
  • XT Bushings