Free span Belt is polyurethane timing belt made by MITSUBOSHI Belting Ltd. This belt is for long span linear drives and light-duty synchronous transmission and transportation. This belt is suitable for long center-distance, synchronous back and forth drives. This belt consists of thermoplastic polyurethane and steel cords that is suitable for synchronous transportation and power transmission requiring accurate positioning. The tension members are parallel to each other to ensure a suitable synchronous drive.

FREESPAN (T5 – T10 – AT10H – L – H – S5M – S8M – HTD5M – HTD8M – HTD14M – F20 – F20D)




Belt Type


Endless belts are used for revolving movement.


Open-end belts are used for reciprocating movement, and the length can be freely adjusted.


Tenacity (Steel cord)

Steel cord does not stretch easily, so it is suitable for accurate positioning.

Body (Thermoplastic polyurethane)

Polyurethane body enables resistance to oil, wear and weather.

Industries / Applications

Industrial Power Transmission
Pipeline Protection for Oil & Gas, Waterworks
Food Industry Conveyor Belts
Paver Belt

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