Initial elongation of V-belts is 1-2% for both standard and red V-belts. The belt must be re-tensioned within 24 hours of tensioning.

Standard V-belts are made of natural rubber-based material. Red Label V-belts and MAXSTAR WEDGE belts use chloroprene rubber.

The material of the timing belt is below.
【Rubber Belt】Tooth:Chloroprene Rubber Tensile Cord:Glass Code Tooth Fabric:Nylon
【Urethane Belt】Tooth:Polyurethane Tensile Cord:Aramid or Steel wire
Please contact one of our friendly sales staff on (03) 9720-2355 for details for other MEGA TORQUE series and materials with special specifications.

There is a product called MEGA TORQUE EX with improved positioning accuracy. Please consider switching to MEGA TORQUE EX

For normal transmission applications, rubber belts with a wide range of sizes are used. If scattering of rubber powder is a concern, urethane belts are used, as rubber powder is less noticeable

Timing belt G and timing belt U (MXL, T80, XL, L, H, XH, XXH, etc.) are ISO standard products and are compatible with all companies. Round tooth type products such as SUPER TORQUE series and MEGA TORQUE series are not interchangeable except for some manufacturers.

The timing belt is maintenance free. The installed tension of the belt will decrease slightly in the first few hours of operation due to the pulleys becoming more familiar with each other. After installation, run the belt for about 1 minute (or 10 rpm for slower speeds) to allow it to acclimate, and then tension it at the specified tension. There is no need to re-tension the belt after that.

※Re-tensioning the timing belt may cause poor engagement and shorten the life of the belt.

If the belt is cracked or missing, replace it immediately. In order to minimize downtime, especially for heavy-duty machines, please include cracks or missing belts in periodic inspections and replace the belt before it is damaged.

The heat resistance temperature of the standard belt is -30°C to 80°C.However, if used outside of room temperature, the life of the product may be shortened.If you require heat resistance for operating temperatures up to 100°C, use a belt with heat-resistant specifications. Please contact one of our friendly sales staff on (03) 9720-2355 for details on heat-resistant specifications.

Basically, the standard widths listed in the catalog are available. If you require a belt width not listed in the catalog, please contact one of our friendly sales staff on (03) 9720-2355

Transmission efficiency is almost 100%. However, since the motor shaft is loaded by the belt tension, power loss may occur and the transmission efficiency may be lower than 100%.

LA/LB/LC types are belts for agricultural machinery. These belts are thinner than standard V-belts and Red Label V-belts (A/B/C types) and are designed to withstand reverse bending.

The tooth fabric is specially treated to suppress the scattering of rubber powder.

Raw Edge V-belts and V-ribbed Belts are not specified in which direction they are to be installed, but some Timing Belts and Variable Speed Belts are specified.

This is a friction transmission type that transmits power by the side of the belt.

Some part numbers may differ in size due to differences in belt manufacturers’ thinking, but there is no problem with the fit.

Star Fit™ are special Mitsuboshi V-ribbed belts for specific engines where the pulleys do not move. It is made of a different material from ordinary V-ribbed belts and can be installed without moving the pulleys, while maintaining the proper tension.

The standard time for belt replacement depends on the material of the rubber.By changing the rubber material from CR to EPDM, cracking is less likely to occur, but abrasion still occurs.Abrasion condition should also be used as a replacement guideline.