Renowned for its exceptionally high performance even when it comes to longer distances and extremely high loads, Giga Torque GX continues to set the bar higher.

The go-to Mitsuboshi belt, Giga Torque GX is the preferred choice in a number of power transmission as well as poly chain applications and industries, ranging from the machine and food industry to automobile and oil and gas industry among others.

Mitsuboshi Giga Torque GX (8M-14M) is a Synchronous Power Transmissions belt for high performance power transmission applications. Mitsuboshi Giga Torque Gx is a drop-in replacement for your super heavy-duty Poly Chain applications.

Designed with carbon fibre and a low friction fabric tooth coating and instead of only using polyurethane rubber Mitsuboshi Belting uses HNBR rubber in the manufacturing process to increase the power rating by 10%! All Giga Torque polyurethane belts are abrasion-resistant, provide thermoplastic flexibility and are long-lasting, energy efficient belts suitable for all heavy-duty industries and applications. These Mitsuboshi Poly Chain carbon belts features High-tensile strength Carbon Cord which is Abrasion resistant due to its low friction tooth fabric. The Mitsuboshi Giga Torque Polyurethane Belt consists of High elastic, high hardness HNBR rubber that leads to increased durability. The Mitsuboshi Giga Torque GX timing belts run longer, harder and quieter than any Gates Poly Chain GT carbon belts on the market today.


Structure and Features of Giga Torque GX

The Ultimate Synchronous Power Transmissions Belt

Giga Torque X costs 25% less and delivers superior performance of equipment and machinery – up to 10% higher power rating – than the closest competitor Polyurethane Carbon Cord belt while also offering flexibility, minimal noise, compactness, strength, energy-efficiency, and durability.

Giga Torque GX line-up includes two types: G8M (8mm pitch) and G14M (14mm pitch) with different widths, lengths, and the number of teeth.

Choose exactly according to your desired requirements.


Application Advantages you can count ON

Better durability as compared to Gates Carbon PolyChain Carbon belts
0 %
Higher Power Rating than the Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon belts
0 %
Less Noise than Gates Poly Chain Carbon GT Belts
0 %
Greater Capacity than Optibelt's HTD Belts
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Introducing high modulus but high flexibility carbon cord, this belt shows high tenacity and high flexibility. You may expect this belt to minimize space, weight and noise of machinery and equipment by applying narrower belt width compared to regular timing belt.

This belt can be applied for the applicability of chain drive system

Re-Punched Link Holes

Premium quality construction material, consisting of elastic and strong HNBR rubber as well as the flexible cord that suppresses the elongation of belt ensure that Giga Torque GX is wear-resistant and long-lasting.

With 1.7-2.2 times higher durability than conventional high torque timing belts and 20% higher durability as compared to Gates Poly Chain Carbon Belt, you simply cannot go wrong with Mitsuboshi Giga Torque GX.

Enhanced Thermoplastic Flexibility

Not only does it help you achieve world-class power transmission but also prove to be an asset when used in conjugation with a pulley in hydraulic equipment or machines with metal chains, to name a few. 

Impeccable Design

The state of the art design of Giga Torque GX not only enhances its appeal as well as outlook but also maximizes the efficiency and performance. 

Light, Compact, And Quieter

The unique nature of the material used to make Giga Torque X coupled with its high transmission capacity allows it to narrow the width in the same conditions as a conventional or classical belt. Compact belt width allows the usage of a lightweight pulley, reducing the high-frequency noise and saving up space. 

Minimal Maintenance

There’s no need for oiling or regular maintenance at all. Having greater oil and heat resistance (maximum of 120-degree Celsius), the Giga Torque X is ready to be used anytime, anywhere.

Drop-in Replacement

Tailored to perfection, Giga Torque X has the upper hand over Gates and Opti belt Poly Chain Carbon belts due to additional durability offerings and superior performance. 

While Mitsuboshi Giga Torque Gx G8M (8mm pitch) can directly replace Gates Poly Chain 8MGT, Mitsuboshi Giga Torque Gx G14M (14mm pitch) Gates can take the place of Gates Poly Chain 14MGT. Similarly, either of the two types of Giga Torque X can replace Opti-belt DELTA CHAIN Carbon.  

The days of Gates and Optibelt domination in the poly chain belt market are over. Mitsuboshi’s Giga Torque GX is an ideal substitute for Gates Poly Chain GT carbon belts and Opti-belt Delta Chain carbon. It’s the one-in-all perfect fit for all your heavy-duty poly chain applications.


Industries / Applications

All Giga Torque polyurethane belts are abrasion-resistant, provide thermoplastic flexibility and are long-lasting, energy efficient belts suitable for all heavy-duty industries and applications.

Industrial Power Transmission
Pipeline Protection for Oil & Gas, Waterworks
Food Industry Conveyor Belts
Paver Belt


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