Vee Belts & Pulleys are used to transfer power from the driving component such as a motor or geared motor to the application. Applications include conveyor systems, crushers, compressors, process lines and general speed reduction. We stock and supply an extensive range of pulleys to suit all cross sections of V-Belts. Our standard pulleys are made of quality cast iron but we can get them manufactured in steel if required, both are available with a pilot bore, bored & keyed or with a taper lock bush arrangement. We also offer light duty aluminium and light duty cast iron pulleys.




Types of Pulleys Available

Timing Pulleys We stock and supply a large range of timing belts and timing pulleys. We can cater for the most powerful of industrial belts through to the lightest of drives, as well as replacement belts for cars, heavy-duty trucks and buses. Efficient power transmission by timing belt can only be attained by smooth engagement between a high precision belt and accurately machined pulleys.

Our Timing Pulleys are high performance and high-quality products for a comprehensive power transmission solution. We provide pulleys optimized for engagement transmission.

There are two main types of timing belt pulleys, they are to suit the classical timing belt and the metric HTD timing belts. Classical timing belt pulleys are imperial in their measurements, have a square profile and use the designations XL, L, H, XH & XXH, while the metric HTD pulleys have rounded profiled teeth and their designations are 3M, 5M, 8M and 14M.


Applicable to MAXSTAR WEDGE V-belt. Easily assembled/disassembled with a spanner.

Industries / Applications

All Giga Torque polyurethane belts are abrasion-resistant, provide thermoplastic flexibility and are long-lasting, energy efficient belts suitable for all heavy-duty industries and applications.

Heavy Duty Truck


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