The Mitsuboshi REMF drive belt is a flexible belt developed by Mitsuboshi Japan for automotive applications and it is used under severe load fluctuations and high temperatures inside the engine room. REMF drive belt has a fabric free side face which means that the side of the belt is a special exposed rubber construction and the rubber is directly exposed to the pulley. Because of this, the belt has high grip power and does not slip, thereby creating high power transmission abilities.

Mitsuboshi Raw Edge V belt (REMF) is a drive belt that is used for automobiles, trucks, buses and construction equipment and used in accessory drives of large displacement engines. Mainly used for driving fans, alternators and air conditioners.




Signs of Drive Belt failure:

Because the components in the drive belt system all wear at the same rate, it is recommended that you replace your drive belt, tensioner and pulleys at the same time to prevent future issues.

Drive belt failure is never a good thing, all of your engines vital accessories and ancillaries run on drive belts so good belt contact, shape retention and overall health is key. A broken drive belt can leave you without air-conditioning on a hot day, stranded on the side of the road with a non-functioning alternator or can even result in catastrophic engine failure as a result of fan belt and engine overheating.

Replacing your drive belts when they are worn and cracked and before they break can save you a lot of money, so always ensure that you do replace them when recommended.

Mitsuboshi Raw Edge (REMF) Drive Belt range is designed specifically for the Australian market and offers customers OEM quality and performance for most popular makes and models at a price to suit your budget.

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Raw-edge V-belt (MITSUBOSHI REMF)

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