The SUPER KB is a wrapped Mitsuboshi V-Belt mainly used for light duty agricultural applications, but has more resistance to heavy shock loads than FHP (fractional horsepower) belts. The special outer covering is designed for smooth clutching and is suitable for backside idler usage. Super KB V-belt is designed for severe operating conditions where other FHP belts may stretch or pull apart due to heavy shock loads. Available in profiles type: 3LK / 4LK / 5LK. These frictional forced transmission belts are the part of Mitsuboshi’s special agricultural V-Belts range. Aramid fiber is used in the tensile cord for length stability and belt material is Chloroprene Rubber. Cover Fabric: Cotton





Industries / Applications

All Giga Torque polyurethane belts are abrasion-resistant, provide thermoplastic flexibility and are long-lasting, energy efficient belts suitable for all heavy-duty industries and applications.

Industrial Power Transmission
Pipeline Protection for Oil & Gas, Waterworks
Food Industry Conveyor Belts
Paver Belt


Suitable for synchronous drives. Removes disadvantages of SUPER KB.